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Tom Aspray

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESTom Aspray is the driving force behind Tutor Your Trade. Tom has been analyzing and advising institutions and investors on the financial markets since the early 1980’s.

From his extensive biochemistry research using computers in the late 70’s, Tom envisioned the potential for applying his research techniques to the financial markets. Through rigorous and methodical analysis Tom developed his own unique methods of computerized technical analysis. These methods have been taught to financial professionals around the world.

In 1982 Tom became the research director for a financial advisory firm that allowed access to professional technical analysis software and provided a platform for testing many of the analytical methods that are used by today’s traders and investors.

Tom’s work has been highlighted in books by Stanley Kroll and John Murphy. For the past 8 years Tom has provided daily general market commentary through Forbes, Moneyshow and PA Stock Alerts and is well respected within the financial community. In Tutor Your Trade, his insights and techniques are available to a select group of traders and investors on a 1-1 basis or you can join in each day to his pre-market analysis session.